How does IT work?

It all starts with a free consultation – this usually involves a nice cup of tea! We sit down and chat about a few things that will help me design your training programme; we talk about your training goals, your likes and dislikes, and what kind of exercise you currently undertake (if any!). At this stage we also discuss possible training times to suit you.


Our first session will involve a series of physical activities centred around your likes and dislikes. Based on your current abilities I will then create short, medium and long-term plans to progress you towards your goals. 

Each training session is unique, because I create each plan specifically for the individual (or groups!). I focus session content on bodyweight movements and exercise, usually in the form of technique and skills-based learning for a wide range of movements such as pull-ups, muscle-ups and handstands. I also love to mix things up by throwing in some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and boxing training such as pad work or heavy bag work. My training methods are designed to provide a sense of progression, discovery and fun that you won’t find in a traditional gym environment.

Personal Training sessions last for 1 hour, but I do offer a 30 minute version if this fits your lifestyle better. Having at least two PT sessions per week will move you most efficiently towards accomplishing your goals.


Once we are happy with your exercise plans we can start to take a look into your eating habits and nutritional intake, and I will make some specific recommendations to support your training and bolster your overall fitness.